Elevator control system (section for professionals)

We develop our control systems with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, whether they are service companies or end users. We therefore emphasise high quality at an affordable price, safety and reliability.

Elevator control system

We are aware that an easy-to-install system minimises installation errors that affect the long-term reliability of the system, which is why ease of installation is one of our highest values. We only use components from reputable suppliers with a guarantee of the highest quality and offer it at an affordable price.

Despite the wide range of functions, which also includes the Safe House project, all our products and control systems meet the requirements for energy class A, which ensures low operating costs.

Through the e-service, we also provide online control of elevator operation from the centre and self-diagnosis of the control system. The safety and comfort of the residents of the building are then taken care of by sophisticated functions enabling connection to the access system to the building, VIP elevator, smoke detectors, etc.

Control electronics BC-NELA 

Our new generation of control system brings the most modern technologies for controlling elevators with and without a machine room, with an emphasis on maximum operational reliability

Elevator controls 

Wall-mounted cabin panels, full-cabin panels, callers and position signalling with an emphasis on reliability, design and sufficient colour variability.


The new REVYT recuperation unit, which can be installed on almost any type of elevator, contributes to reducing energy consumption and operating costs.


The load in the elevator cabin is weighed by the BC-ELA.LMS device controlled by a microprocessor, which reads the load values from individual sensors.

Emergency Communication System

The device enables two-way voice communication from the lift cabin to the service centre and to the mobile phones of the emergency service crew.

Automatic UV disinfection of the elevator 

Expert information on the UV-Cab device for the safe disinfection of elevator cabins from viruses and bacteria with adjustable automatic operation.

Monitoring of elevators 

We use an application accessible via the Internet to monitor the reliability and safety of elevator operation and to analyse it remotely.

Visualisation of the operation of elevators and escalators 

Remote monitoring and visualisation of elevators and escalators through systems that provide continuous information about the operation of the equipment and their status.

Training for our partners 

As part of the cooperation, we will provide training in modern classrooms by our specialists in the field of electronic control systems, monitoring, etc.