IFSF technology

Since 1997, we have been a technical partner (TA – Technical Associate) of the European standardisation organisation IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) and at the same time a co-author of several IFSF standards, including the Dispenser Application Standard (IFSF Dispenser Application Standard). IFSF technology will bring you a number of benefits, including, for example, lower operating costs.

IFSF technologie

IFSF products

What IFSF technology products do we develop and supply?

  • IFSF converters
  • SW libraries for IFSF cash register systems

Advantages of IFSF technology

The advantages of IFSF products primarily include cost savings and operational efficiency. IFSF standardisation of technological devices guarantees the gas station operator the possibility to change the technology supplier at any time and eliminates the need to deploy expensive technology control systems (site controllers), whose malfunctions usually cause the entire gas station to stop operating. The parallel operation of cash register systems will ensure a reduction in service costs in the event of a malfunction, as it is only necessary to stop the malfunctioning equipment.

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