Protect your apartment building, hospital or office building from fire, flooding or gas leakage. Our sensors can detect a fire or a defect in time and prevent major damage to your property.

Sensors and detectors

We know about much more than just elevators. We will provide you with the detection of smoke, water or gas, we can also use sensors to collect meteorological data. Read more about the types of sensors you can choose from.


Equip your elevators with a UV-Cab device that automatically disinfects elevator cabins from viruses and bacteria. The system will carry out the disinfection itself on the day and time you specify. For Beta Control elevators, we also offer the option of remotely setting the frequency of disinfection according to the season.

Isn’t a suitable solution for your property among the offered options? We will be happy to discuss everything with you and offer you an individual solution.

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We will safeguard the entrance to your building or elevator with our electronic access systems using chips, where access rights can be set for individual users.


Non-stop monitoring of the safe and reliable operation of elevators through our electronic applications and monitoring systems accessible via the Internet.


Our camera system will protect your building, common areas and the elevator, and your basement cubicles will be guarded by an electronic security unit.


We cooperate with companies all over the world on development in the field of SW and HW. Currently, we are mainly dedicated to developments in the field of door control and wireless communication.

Service centre

Tailor-made solutions in the area of elevators and escalators as well as detectors and sensors. Service Centre portal for managing and monitoring individually set services.