Electronic counters: Diesel, gasoline, LPG, AdBlue

We develop and manufacture electronic ADP counters for fuel dispensers. Although they are built on modern technology, they are valued all over the world for their simplicity and wide range of uses. The latest type series is represented by the ADP/T counters, which expand the functional scope of the previous ADP/M series. In addition to dispensing and measurement, ADP/T electronic counters also integrate a number of other, above-standard functions.

Electronic counters: Diesel, gasoline, LPG, AdBlue

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What functions can ADP/T electronic counters perform?

Communication with the gas station control system

The counters are equipped as standard with an RS485 communication interface, on which they communicate with our proprietary EasyCall protocol, but they also have DART, NARA and Pumalan communication protocols implemented. All counters of the ADP/T series and older ADP/E and ADP/M series can be extended to communication according to the IFSF/LON standard.

Calibration of electronic meters

This function replaces mechanical calibration of meters with electronic calibration. ADP counters in calibration mode allow individual meters to deliver a selected amount of fuel to the cubic meter and enter the measured correction deviations into the counter if the delivered volume is not accurate. The counter remembers the entered deviations in its non-volatile (voltage-independent) memory. During each transaction (PHM delivery), the counter continuously recalculates the delivered volume according to the deviation memorised for a specific meter. The activation of meter calibration, including the entry of deviations, is protected by a switch under the metrological seal.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

For the supply of LPG, gasoline and diesel, a sensor for measuring the temperature of the supplied fuel can be connected to the ADP counters. The ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) principle consists of continuous measurement of the dispensed medium and recalculation of the dispensed volume to a reference temperature (+15°C). This ensures that at any actual temperature of the medium, the dispensed volume is measured and charged as if the medium had a base reference temperature. The activation of the recording of ATC compensation tables as well as the ATC’s own settings are protected by switches under the metrological seal.

Electronic control and calibration of vapour extraction

Counters enable electronic control of vapour extraction and its calibration. The counter software starts the pump motor at the beginning of the PHM supply and controls (opens/closes) the proportional vapour extraction valve during refuelling depending on the currently measured volume of fuel supplied.

Checking the thermal protection of pump motors

The counters allow the use of pump motor blocks with integrated contactor and engine thermal protection. In the event of a malfunction, the overheated engine shuts down and the counter reports an error that it remembers to prevent similar malfunctions. The engine on which the thermal protection has failed will start the counter only after the service intervention has been carried out.

Mass measurement of LPG and gasoline/diesel delivery

The mass measurement of the delivery makes the registration of the receipt and sale of PHM more accurate at the gas station. The main advantages of this product are the high reliability of the weight meters, the simple design of the dispensing stand and the extended diagnostic function of the stand. Transaction values can be displayed in litres or kilograms.