Technology and design of elevators

Our modern elevator systems are built on top technology and timeless design. We will supply you with a variable solution without an engine room, or with an engine room, with an interior or exterior shaft, for any type of building. You can choose from our tried-and-tested designs, but we will also make you an elevator car from luxurious materials according to your wishes. 


Were you unable to find a design in our basic range that would meet your requirements? We will prepare an individual tailor-made solution for you. 

Technology and design of elevators

Elevator technology 

We can place the elevator technology either in the machine room or in the elevator shaft, which will save you space and money in the new building. We will tailor the entire comprehensive solution to your needs. 

Design of elevator cabins 

You can choose from our proven designs that rely on durable materials and quality workmanship, but we are also able to offer you individual solutions according to your wishes. 

Elevator Controls 

Wall-mounted cabin panels, full-cabin panels, callers and position signalling with an emphasis on reliability, design and sufficient colour variability. 

Elevator shafts 

Interior and exterior elevator shafts with an emphasis on quality and design, covered with safety glass. We will supply a new one or reconstruct your old shaft. 

Smart solution 

Not only the elevator, but also electronic security of access to your building, protection with cameras and security sensors or monitoring of your elevator with a monitoring system. 

Quality without compromise – a reliable control system

Remote management and monitoring

Tailor-made solutions – an open and fair approach

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