BC-NELA – Elevator control electronics

Our new generation of control system for traction and hydraulic elevators comes with the most modern technologies for the control of elevators with and without a machine room, placing an emphasis on maximum operational reliability. Do you have any technical questions about our BC-NELA control electronics? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you. 

System properties 

  • in accordance with EN 81-20, EN 81-50 
  • LCD display for setting parameters 
  • possibility to set system parameters remotely via PC, tablet or mobile phone 
  • remote diagnostics of the system, recording of operational states with a time stamp 
  • technical support free of charge 

Elevator controls 

Wall-mounted cabin panels, full-cabin panels, callers and position signalling with an emphasis on reliability, design and sufficient colour variability. 

Automatic UV disinfection of the elevator 

Expert information on the UV-Cab device for the safe disinfection of elevator cabins from viruses and bacteria with adjustable automatic operation. 

Monitoring of elevators 

We use an application accessible via the Internet to monitor the reliability and safety of elevator operation and to analyse it remotely. 

Visualisation of the operation of elevators and escalators 

Remote monitoring and visualisation of elevators and escalators through systems that provide continuous information about the operation of the equipment and their status. 

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