Elevator monitoring

The Kk-Webrman application, which runs on a server in the centre and is accessible via the Internet, handles monitoring the reliability and safety of elevator operation and tracking user and service diagnostic data. What can it cover? 

  • processes alarm messages (emergency signalling, elevator failure) 
  • creates analysis for technical support 
  • creates analysis for technical support and user and service diagnostic reports 

Benefits for the service technician

  • easily determines the current status of the elevator in the application 
  • the application notifies him/her of the malfunction by e-mail or SMS 
  • he/she is able to recognise the type of fault from the information obtained 
  • knows in advance what equipment he needs to perform the repair 
  • recognises which parts are most likely to fail, can predict failures and prevent them 

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Visualisation of the operation of elevators and escalators 

Remote monitoring and visualisation of elevators and escalators through systems that provide continuous information about the operation of the equipment and their status. 

Elevator controls 

Wall-mounted cabin panels, full-cabin panels, callers and position signalling with an emphasis on reliability, design and sufficient colour variability. 

Automatic UV disinfection of the elevator 

Expert information on the UV-Cab device for the safe disinfection of elevator cabins from viruses and bacteria with adjustable automatic operation. 


The new REVYT recuperation unit, which can be installed on almost any type of elevator, contributes to reducing energy consumption and operating costs.