Smart Solution Access system

We secure access to your building or elevator using our modern electronic solutions for contactless or contact chips, which allow you to set access rights for individual users. Our control systems will help increase the transport capacity of your elevators.

Smart Solution Access system

VIP elevator

Protect your elevator from damage with an electronic key, without which the elevator cannot be used. Set individual rights or time limits for each elevator.

Building Access system

Use contactless RFID or contact Dallas chips instead of classic keys. After opening the door, the access system will call the elevator for you according to the set rights.

Building intercom

A door portal with building intercoms and a combined audio-video system, with which you can, among other things, call the elevator for a visitor without the need to use the chip.

Goal-oriented management

Enter the destination floor on the floor terminal and the control system will automatically evaluate the elevator that best meets your request. Increase the transport capacity in your building.

What does COR/DSC guarantee you?

  • reduce the waiting time for the cabin arrival
  • reduction of operating costs due to more efficient use of elevators
  • simple connection of elevators using a bus system
  • visualisation, statistics and analysis of elevator operation

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Were you unable to find a solution in the basic menu that would meet your requirements? Contact us and we will offer a tailor-made solution to you.

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Our camera system will protect your building, common areas and the elevator, and your basement cubicles will be guarded by an electronic security unit.

Monitoring of elevators

Non-stop monitoring of the safe and reliable operation of elevators through our electronic applications and monitoring systems accessible via the Internet.


With the help of our sensors and detectors, you will be alerted in time to a fire or a defect in your building and thus prevent major damage due to fire, flooding or gas leakage.


We cooperate with companies all over the world on development in the field of SW and HW. Currently, we are mainly dedicated to developments in the field of door control and wireless communication.

Service centre

Tailor-made solutions in the area of elevators and escalators as well as detectors and sensors. Service Centre portal for managing and monitoring individually set services.