SiWa sensor

SiWa is a flood sensor connected to SIGFOX wireless global network for the Internet of Things (IoT), which, in addition to the threat of flooding, monitors the temperature in the event of a risk of freezing, its position (safety element), tests the network connection and battery status. It can be used in a cottage, in a garage, in a detached office, wherever there is a T-Mobile GSM signal within reach.

The added value of SiWa sensors

We not only sell the product but also the follow-up service and other possibilities of use. As part of our services, we offer you:

  • remote inspection of sensor functionality
  • remote inspection of sensor battery condition
  • alarm test
  • sensor communication inspection

For this reason, SiWa sensors guarantee you a favourable price/performance ratio. A significant benefit is also the simple design and the fact that no probes or cables are needed to install the sensors. We recommend installing sensors in individual apartments as well as in common areas such as basements, as a secondary function of the sensor is also a warning about the risk of freezing.

Control from smartphone or computer

You don’t need cables to install this autonomous wireless sensor and or even a local Wi-Fi connection. It can be managed using the IoT manager on a smartphone or computer, with a simple and intuitive control system, easy alarm setting and data management. Thanks to the miniaturisation of the components, the sensor boasts a long battery life.

Autonomous operation

Simple design, easy commissioning

Long battery life

Immediate warning via call or SMS

Wireless connection

Remote management and monitoring