Emergency Communication System BC-CEMOL

Designed for any type of elevators and its control. The device enables two-way voice communication from the lift cabin to the service centre and to the mobile phones of the emergency service crew. In cooperation with the centre, it provides the required connection and battery capacity checks. The LEMON device from the BC production can be used as the centre or it can be connected to a centre using the P100 protocol. The Kk-CEMOL device can also be used for data transmission in cooperation with the LEMON centre.

System properties

  • in accordance with the requirements of the ČSN EN 81-28 standard
  • automatic control of the emergency alarms function
  • completed rescue confirmation sent by the service crew via the emergency alarms equipment to the rescue service centre
  • automatic preventive back-up power supply check
  • service staff alarm if trapped in the pit or space above the top lift station
  • alarm occurrence, confirmation and solution time recording

Design of elevators

You can choose from our proven designs that rely on durable materials and quality workmanship, but we are also able to offer you individual solutions according to your wishes.

Elevator technology

We can place the elevator technology either in the machine room or in the elevator shaft, which will save you space and money in the new building. We will tailor the entire comprehensive solution to your needs.

Smart solution

Not only the elevator, but also electronic security of access to your building, protection with cameras and security sensors or monitoring of your elevator with a monitoring system.

Monitoring of elevators

We use an application accessible via the Internet to monitor the reliability and safety of elevator operation and to analyse it remotely.