SiVin sensor

Equipment designed to collect meteorological data in vineyards, hop farms and other agricultural areas for better crop protection from dangerous pathogens and higher yields and profits. The station measures temperature (dry-bulb), relative humidity and rainfall. The data package with the measured quantities is regularly sent to the server every 30 min or 10 min using SIGFOX wireless technology.

Added value of SiVin sensors

  • wireless connection
  • without paying for a SIM card for GSM and setting up a connection
  • handy web portal with an overview of measured values
  • remote sensor monitoring
  • battery life throughout the season

Message from smartphone or computer

A big advantage of this wireless sensor is its autonomy. It does not have to be connected using a cable or connected to local Wi-Fi. It can be managed using the IoT manager on a smartphone or computer, with a simple and intuitive control system, easy alarm setting and data management.

Better care and protection of crops against pathogens

Long battery life

Reliable notification via call, SMS or e-mail

Wireless connection using SIGFOX technology

Remote management and monitoring

Universal mechanical fastening

Device fault states

Sabotage watch

Sound signalling

Magnetic button