Tailored services

We offer you options for tailor-made solutions in the area of elevators and escalators as well as detectors and sensors. For this purpose, we are building a Service Centre portal for the management and monitoring of individually set visualisation, monitoring and solution services for alarm events.

Tailored services

How does the Service Centre work?

Individually set devices send data about their status to the server, and you can monitor them from your computer or mobile device via secure websites. Individual users then only have access to specific views/edits and devices in the application according to their authorisation. And what are the ways of using the Service Centre?

Monitoring of elevators

Our devices allow you to visualise the correct operation and possible malfunctions of the elevators.

Dispatching of elevators

The system monitors traffic and visualises the condition of the elevators. Unlike monitoring, which only displays error states, dispatching displays the real state of the device online.

Dispatching of escalators

The system is used to monitor traffic and visualise the real state of connected escalators.

Setting and monitoring of alarm sensors

The system enables the configuration of individual networks of Lora-Gate LTE sensors or the monitoring of operation and the display of alarm states, including instructions for the alarm and writing down the solution to the alarm event.


We will safeguard the entrance to your building or elevator with our electronic access systems using chips, where access rights can be set for individual users.


With the help of our sensors and detectors, you will be alerted in time to a fire or a defect in your building and thus prevent major damage due to fire, flooding or gas leakage.


Our camera system will protect your building, common areas and the elevator, and your basement cubicles will be guarded by an electronic security unit.


We cooperate with companies all over the world on development in the field of SW and HW. Currently, we are mainly dedicated to developments in the field of door control and wireless communication.

Monitoring of elevators

Non-stop monitoring of the safe and reliable operation of elevators through our electronic applications and monitoring systems accessible via the Internet.

If you do not find a solution that satisfies you in the basic menu, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer you an individual solution.

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