Recuperation units for elevators

REVYT is a new recuperation unit that can be installed on almost any type of elevator. The efficiency of recuperation depends on the load of the elevator. The controlled voltage converter at its input detects the magnitude of the DC voltage on the intermediate circuit of the converter and transfers the remaining energy to the accumulators from the adjustable value. After the batteries are fully charged, the excess energy is converted to thermal energy at the braking resistor in the usual way. Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with any additional professional information. 

Features of the recuperation unit REVYT 

  • reducing energy consumption and operating costs 
  • simpler and cheaper device than classic recuperation units with energy return to the distribution network 
  • suitable for medium elevators with a lower load level 
  • transfer of excess energy to the accumulator and subsequent use to power the elevator’s internal electronics 
  • placement in a separate metal housing with indicator elements 
  • the possibility of connection to most used frequency converters 

Parameters of the recuperation unit 

  • input voltage: 550 to 700 V (according to the DC intermediate circuit of the frequency converter) 
  • maximum input voltage: 800 V 
  • suppression of excess power loss: on the original braking resistor of the frequency converter 
  • capacity of built-in accumulators: 2500 mAh 
  • output voltage: 24 V 
  • maximum output voltage: 4 A 
  • weight: 4 kg 
  • dimensions: 210 x 380 x 120 mm 
  • working temperature: +5 to +40 °C 

Design of elevators 

You can choose from our proven designs that rely on durable materials and quality workmanship, but we are also able to offer you individual solutions according to your wishes. 

Elevator technology 

We can place the elevator technology either in the machine room or in the elevator shaft, which will save you space and money in the new building. We will tailor the entire comprehensive solution to your needs. 

Smart solution 

Not only the elevator, but also electronic security of access to your building, protection with cameras and security sensors or monitoring of your elevator with a monitoring system. 

Monitoring of elevators 

We use an application accessible via the Internet to monitor the reliability and safety of elevator operation and to analyse it remotely.