Building intercom

Our combined audio-video system allows a visitor to enter the elevator in VIP mode and call the elevator without using a chip. We deliver the building intercom panel in a robust, vandal-resistant design and, in the case of a video phone, also with a built-in camera.

Building intercom

Higher security and comfort

Upgrading your building intercom is an investment that will pay off not only with increased security of your apartment building and common areas, but also with practicality and greater user comfort. As an above-standard service, we can also offer you the option of easily rewriting name tags on doorbells without the need to open the panel or calling between apartments using the intercom.

Reconstruction of door portals

When installing an access system in your apartment building, we will also offer you the reconstruction of the entire door portal, including bell panels and building intercom. We deliver door portals in aluminium design with optional integration of mailboxes and bell panels. The door is equipped with an electromechanical lock, mounting and door-closer. We will design the exact solution according to the layout of your building.

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