Development of software and hardware for elevators

We cooperate with companies all over the world on development in the field of SW and HW. We have experience in designing systems for industrial environments and demanding climatic conditions, such as extremely low temperatures in Russia or dusty environments in Saudi Arabia. Currently, we are mainly dedicated to developments in the field of door control and wireless communication.

Development of software and hardware for elevators

Control of car doors

We cooperate with our customers on the development of units for controlling DC electromechanical engines. Our units operate the doors of trams, trolleybuses and buses in a number of European cities, including metro trains in Prague and Moscow.

Control unit for controlling the doors of transport vehicles.

A set of outputs from electronic applications that keep the service technician up-to-date on the operation of your elevator. Through it, you can easily view inspection records and operational data.

Elevator door control

We will develop an elevator door control unit for our customers who supply complete elevator doors. At the moment, our partner in this area is STROJON výtahy s.r.o.

Elevator door control unit

Wireless communication and GSM applications

Our wireless communication technologies ensure both short-distance communication, e.g. inside buildings, and wide-area communication, such as GSM gradually changing to UMTS, GPRS, etc. Data from the sensors are transferred to a server, where they are evaluated and provided to users.

Our references


We will safeguard the entrance to your building or elevator with our electronic access systems using chips, where access rights can be set for individual users.


With the help of our sensors and detectors, you will be alerted in time to a fire or a defect in your building and thus prevent major damage due to fire, flooding or gas leakage.


Our camera system will protect your building, common areas and the elevator, and your basement cubicles will be guarded by an electronic security unit.

Monitoring of elevators

Non-stop monitoring of the safe and reliable operation of elevators through our electronic applications and monitoring systems accessible via the Internet.

Service centre

Tailor-made solutions in the area of elevators and escalators as well as detectors and sensors. Service Centre portal for managing and monitoring individually set services.