Sensors and detectors

We have also been working on the problem of communications for a long time, both at the level of proprietary local communications in Safe Houses and M2M communications, which allow monitoring of thousands of elevator installations practically all over the world. Our sensors and detectors communicate using the Sigfox and LoRaWAN networks, which are currently the most developed in the field of data transmission. 

Sigfox and LoRaWAN technologies 

Sigfox is a worldwide corporate network, built in our country with the support of T-Mobile. It is a sensor-oriented technology, very simple to install and with a large coverage. It allows small volumes of data to be transmitted in the unlicensed 868MHz band. 


LoRaWAN also communicates in the 868MHz band and a long range is guaranteed by special modulations that also enable bidirectional connection with immediate confirmation. LoRaWAN is covered worldwide by an alliance of a number of companies, with České Radiokomunikace building the network in our country. 

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