Electronic counters for gas stations ADP1/L

The ADP1/L counter is primarily intended for controlling a financially affordable dispenser. At the same time, however, it supports functionality corresponding to the international standard. Electronic calibration of meters, temperature compensation of the output, electronic totalisers and a communication line are a matter of course. In the basic version of the dispenser, it is not necessary to install any additional modules to the ADP1/L.

Communication protocols

  • The ADP1/L counter controls a dispenser with one dispensing point (hose). It can work independently or be controlled via a communication line from the control and cashier system of the gas station. 
  • The EasyCall communication protocol is implemented in the control and cash systems of dozens of suppliers in Europe, including the DOMS or PetroVend control systems.
  • DART, PUMALAN and NARA communication protocols are also implemented. Using the PKONV EC-IFSF module, the dispenser can also be connected to IFSF cash register systems. 
  • The flexibility of the counter is ensured by the possibility of programming a whole range of functional parameters.


  • Interface for connecting a simple keyboard. The possibility of pre-selecting the dispensing of the selected volume, or dispensing for a pre-selected total amount. 
  • Option to connect a second external DISPLCD/N display. 
  • The basic equipment of the counter includes electronic totalisers of volume, price and number of transactions, and an electromechanical volume counter can also be installed.
  • Support for connecting two- or three-channel pulsers. Through the external PWM/L module, it is possible to control two-stage ON/OFF valves for LPG stands.
  • Individual inputs and outputs are connected using branch connectors with screw terminals, which allows for easy replacement in the event of a malfunction.
  • Changing unit prices, setting parameters or calibration can be easily done using a wireless infrared keyboard or via a communication line. 
  • The electronics of the ADP1/L counter are supplied separately without a cover and power supply, which allows a significant reduction in the price of the counter.

The ADP1/L counter is certified according to OIML R117-1 and Welmec Guide 10.4.