Electronic counters for gas stations ADPMPD/T

The ADMPPD/T counter is a solution for multi-product dispensers with two dispensing points, where up to five products can be placed on each point (i.e. up to 10 nozzles in total). It can work independently or be controlled via a communication line from the control and cashier system of the gas station. The counter communicates with our proprietary EasyCall protocol.

The main advantages of the ADPMPD/T electronic counter

Thanks to the possibility of programming a whole range of functional parameters (national standards, different structural parameters of the stand, adjustable position of decimal points, etc.), the ADPMPD/T counter is very flexible and high-performance. It also handles the following functions without the need for additional electronic modules:

  • maximum measurable flow
  • electronic calibration of meters
  • automatic media temperature compensation
  • integrated control of extraction of gasoline vapours

The EasyCall communication protocol is implemented in the control and cash systems of dozens of suppliers. The counter can also communicate with the DART, PUMALAN and NARA protocols. Using the PKON EC-IFSF module, the dispenser can be connected to IFSF cash register systems.

Setting options

You can easily change the unit price, set parameters or perform electronic calibration using an infrared keyboard or a communication line. Parameter settings can be secured with a PIN code so that only an authorised service organisation can service the dispensers. The ADMPPD/T counter has implemented internal electronic totalisers of the volume, price and number of transactions, which can be displayed on the display, again using an infrared keyboard or a communication line.

Dispensing speed regulation

The ADPMPD/T-PWM product variant allows dispensing control via proportional valves where the dispensing rate can be regulated.

The ADMPPD/T counter is certified according to OIML R117-1 and Welmec Guide 10.4.