We adapted the appearance of the new elevator at the cadastral office in Brno to the requirements of preservationists


When building elevators, we often face various obstacles and challenges. However, thanks to the excellent pre-installation preparation of our team, we can deal with almost everything. For example, with the historic protection of the cadastral office building in Brno. From now on, it boasts a new glass elevator.

The glass elevator has been tastefully integrated into the historic listed building of the cadastral office on Moravské náměstí in Brno. 

The space for the new elevator needed to be modified

In the area of the new elevator, there was originally an old metal elevator that was used for files. Before the installation of the new elevator, the site needed to be structurally modified. So our team started dismantling the old elevator and built a new pit. 

Other works related to water pipes. We replaced the existing ones on the wall along the entire elevator shaft and then cut them into the wall. Further brickwork and painting followed, so now the pipes are not visible at all. 

The glass elevator fits into the interior of the historic building

The work on the new elevator in the building of the cadastral office in Brno was specific in that it is a listed building. Therefore, all construction modifications and changes had to be approved by the heritage institute. 

Employees and visitors of the cadastral office on Moravské náměstí can now ride up to the 3rd floor in a passenger elevator with a steel structure, which is protected by glass from the outside. The elevator cabin is all glass, as are the doors. The construction of the elevator thus fits well into the historic interior of the building and does not have a disturbing effect. 

The entire construction of the elevator had to go through the approval process of preservationists.

It was finished in two months

Our team of experienced experts worked during November and December 2021 on the installation of the new elevator, which we had won in a tender competition. Up to 8 people with a maximum weight of 630 kg can comfortably ride the elevator at the cadastral office. 

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Source of photographs: Beta Control