Installation of an elevator in the building Slavíkova 26, Ostrava


Even the installation of an elevator in a narrow space is not an obstacle for us. Read how we managed this challenging task within three months and made life easier for the residents of an apartment building in Ostrava. Despite a few complications and delays, we finally completed the entire construction successfully.

A narrow space does not stop the construction of the elevator

In cooperation with the company Ziehl Abegg, we managed to install a gearless elevator with a load capacity of 400 kg, i.e. for 5 people, in the five-story building at Slavíkova 26 in Ostrava. The entire elevator was delivered with an elevator shaft into a very narrow space. Due to this narrow space, the construction of the elevator shaft was partially placed on individual platforms.

The shaft door was manufactured by Liftmont, for the cabin door we chose a product from Metron. During the construction of the elevator, we used the BC-Nela control system, which represents the most modern elevator technology and ensures maximum operational reliability. Inside the cabin, we did not forget to incorporate a mirror on the wall.

Complications during the construction of the elevator

During the installation, we found engineering networks in the depression, but we successfully solved any complications. Another inconvenience that arose during construction was the sabotage of the project. Constant objections lodged with the building authority meant a significant delay in the work, but even so, we brought the project to the end and successfully approved it. 

Source of photographs: Beta Control