Installation of a new elevator in an apartment building at 23 Renčova Street in Brno


It is always a big challenge to build an elevator where it has never been and was not even initially considered to be. Nothing we can’t handle. See how our installation turned out in the apartment building at 23 Renčova Street in Brno. What challenges did our team have to deal with this time?

An elevator can be built in almost every building

With a bit of exaggeration, it can be stated that there is no building where the construction of an elevator could not be installed. In the vast majority of cases, the elevator is placed in the space in the middle of the staircase, and it was no different in our project. Task number one was to build a prefabricated steel structure as a foundation for the elevator shaft. In our case, it was a non-welded steel structure covered with safety glass.

Enough light for your corridors

In addition to the fact that it was necessary to create an elevator where there had never been one, we also had to deal with the requirement of a sufficient amount of daylight in the staircase and in the corridor of the building. That is why we chose a glass elevator shaft during the reconstruction. The transparent safety glass used does not prevent the penetration of natural light from the balconies of the common areas, and the corridor is therefore sufficiently bright.

No challenge is an obstacle for the elevator

Since there hadn’t been an elevator in the building, we had to proceed with the complete relocation of utility networks when building the elevator shaft. At that moment, the main electrical distributions, building phone distributions, sewers and, in short, everything that could possibly occur in such a place stood in the way of the future elevator shaft. However, thanks to detailed planning and years of experience, we were able to deal with these challenges entirely on our own. With our own help, we drew up the project documentation for the transfer of engineering networks and relocated the networks. 

Construction of the elevator in a few weeks

Thorough preparation is key for us. Thanks to this, we managed to implement the project, which we had won in a tender competition, in approximately two months, despite unpredictable construction modifications. We handed over the elevator, which has a total load capacity of 525 kg / 7 persons and 5 platforms, in September 2021.

Are you interested in our installation of elevators in Brno, and are you thinking about building a new or renovating the original elevator in your building? Whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of professionals in the field will be happy to deal with your assignment. 

Source of photographs: Beta Control