Glass outdoor elevator in the building on Šumavská Street


A spacious and safe elevator can be built even in buildings where it hadn’t been planned to be built during their construction. If there is not enough space in the building, a simple solution is offered – to build an elevator on the outside of the building. Such a situation also occurred on Šumavská Street in Brno.

What if there is no room for an elevator in the building?

Some buildings were not erected with the notion that one day people would go to higher floors not by stairs but by elevators. In such a case, there may be no space for the additional construction of an elevator. Despite this, it is possible to build elevators in such buildings, i.e. on their outside. As the winners of the tender competition, we also offered this to the project sponsors from the community of owners on Šumavská Street, Brno. And they agreed with our solution.

This resulted in an outdoor elevator directly on the facade of the building, mainly because of the lack of space inside. The glazed steel construction of the elevator shaft is the dominant element of the entire building, matching the colour of the windows and contrasting with the style of the building.

How to solve the access to the outdoor elevator?

If the elevator shaft is located outside, it is also necessary to think about its connection with the interior spaces of the building. We solved this situation as well. The lowest platform together with the entrance to the elevator is located inside the building. The other boarding stations on the higher floors then form balconies, which are attached to the galleries of the building. They thus enable a comfortable transfer from the external elevator to the interior spaces of the building. 

The total construction of the outdoor elevator took about 8 weeks. So it is not a long time when taking into account all the construction modifications that had to be done. We can offer clients a short construction time and high-quality installation thanks to our many years of experience in the field of elevator construction and thorough pre-installation preparation, where we plan individual steps in detail.

Do you like how we dealt with the lack of space in the building where the intention was to build a new elevator? Contact us and get advice on which elevator is the best fit for your building.

Source of photographs: Beta Control