Four blocks of flats near the Campus have new elevators


The elevators will also be appreciated by tenants of prefabricated buildings with a lower number of floors. It will facilitate the journey even to the second or third floor and save time and energy. We built new elevators in four buildings on Čtvrtě Street in Nový Lískovec in Brno, facilitating access to the four residential floors and the basement, which offers barrier-free access.

High-quality and sturdy construction of the elevator

As in other cases, we did not underestimate thorough preparation when carrying out this large-scale contract. Thanks to this, we are always fully prepared for the construction of the elevator and we take into account any construction modifications that may prove to be necessary. On Čtvrtě Street in Brno, due to the construction of the elevator recess in the basement, we had to relocate the rainwater drain. We also repaired this at the same time because rainwater was leaking into the underground areas of the building.

As soon as the rainwater drain issue was resolved, we could start building the elevator itself. For it, we chose a steel structure covered with safety glass. Thanks to this, the elevator shaft can withstand any impact or damage from the outside without shattering the glass.

Cabin with digital backlit panel

In addition, thanks to the safety glass, the cabin appears to increase the space of the corridor of the apartment building, which could be too dark even in daylight if other materials were used. The backlit control panel inside the elevator cabin ensures good visibility and orientation. It offers classic options for choosing a floor, which is also displayed on the digital panel according to the current position of the elevator. A mirror reflecting light is located inside giving the impression of a larger space, so the elevator does not feel cramped.

Easier access to all floors

We managed to complete the installation, which we were awarded through Stavební bytové družstvo Družba, within 6 weeks. We have thus provided the residents of the building with convenient access to all 4 residential floors and at the same time to the basement. The residential building offers residents two entry options, one of which is wheelchair accessible. Therefore, when financing the elevator, the investor could use the Apartment Buildings without Barriers subsidy, thus saving part of the money for the installation and investing it in other parts of the building.

Thanks to high-quality pre-installation preparation, when we thought of all the details, and years of experience, nothing surprised us and the entire installation of the new elevators went smoothly.

Source of photographs: Beta Control