Elevator shafts

Whether the elevator shaft leads through the interior or is attached to the exterior shell of the building, we emphasise timeless design and precise execution of all details. The construction of the shaft is modifiable and can be adapted to any type of building. 

Interior shafts

New steel construction 

V případě nové interiérové šachty stavíme konstrukci ze svařených uzavřených ocelových profilů v prostoru zrcadla schodiště mezi schodišťovými rameny. Vrchní nátěr konstrukce provádíme dvousložkovými polyuretanovými barvami dle vzorníku RAL a volíme opláštění z čirého či mléčného bezpečnostního skla.

Reconstruction of the existing elevator shaft 

When modernising the original elevator shaft, we replace unsatisfactory mesh or wire glass with Fermacell, Cetris, or Diamant boards, for which you choose the paint colour, or with safety glass. 

Exterior shafts 

For the exterior elevator shaft, we choose a steel structure covered with clear or frosted safety glass, all in strict accordance with applicable standards. It goes without saying that the elevator is protected from adverse weather conditions, the emphasis is on safety and modern design. 


Were you unable to find a solution in the basic menu that would meet your requirements? Contact us. We will discuss everything with you professionally and prepare a tailor-made solution for you. 

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Design of elevators 

You can choose from our proven designs that rely on durable materials and quality workmanship, but we are also able to offer you individual solutions according to your wishes. 

Elevator technology 

We can place the elevator technology either in the machine room or in the elevator shaft, which will save you space and money in the new building. We will tailor the entire comprehensive solution to your needs. 

Elevator controls 

Wall-mounted cabin panels, full-cabin panels, callers and position signalling with an emphasis on reliability, design and sufficient colour variability. 

Smart solution 

Not only the elevator, but also electronic security of access to your building, protection with cameras and security sensors or monitoring of your elevator with a monitoring system. 


We use an application accessible via the Internet to monitor the reliability and safety of elevator operation and to analyse it remotely.