IFSF software

We offer custom communication libraries for IFSF technology that control IFSF gas station equipment for point-of-sale (POS) applications. The communication libraries allow you to create an application for the simultaneous control of a gas station from multiple POS systems (IFSF True-MultiController) and the licences offer the use of different combinations of communication libraries according to your requirement.

Functions of the IFSF communication libraries

Our communication modules provide application programmers with all the functions needed to control dispensers, level meters and price panels:

  • setting up unit prices
  • transfer of transaction data
  • reading the values of electronic totalisers
  • fault display

Thus, the programmer does not have to handle in detail low-level communications with IFSF devices at the gas station, and it is also not necessary to pay for access to the relevant IFSF standards in order to study them. The result is the minimisation of costs and time required for the development of cash systems.

Common LON interface FTT-10

All our communication libraries use a common LON FTT-10 interface that supports the following interfaces:

  • XLON PCI (DH Electronics GmbH)
  • PCIe
  • USB (Gesytec GmbH)

Minimum system requirements

  • standard PC with Windows 2000/XP/Win7 operating system
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2 GHz Intel P4 (or equivalent)
  • 20 MB of free hard disk space

Control modules

We offer the IFSF TECH.DLL control module (library) to suppliers of control and cash register systems for petrol stations with IFSF technology. The Easy Call TECH.DLL control module is intended for customers who supply control and cash register systems for gas stations with installed dispensers with ADP Beta Control counters.

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