IFSF Protocol converters

In addition to electronic counters, we manufacture and supply electronic IFSF protocol converters for controlling older types of dispensers according to the IFSF standard. The converters allow you to use modern IFSF control systems especially for devices that are not equipped with IFSF. You can thus modernise the gas station without having to replace fully functional older dispensers.

I-PROP converter

We developed the I-PROP type converter as a universal module that enables the conversion of proprietary interfaces according to the IFSF/LON® standard. I-PROP converts communication from two dispensing points with a proprietary protocol to two dispensing points according to the IFSF standard. On the side for communicating with the dispenser, I-PROP is equipped with two asynchronous communication lines. The modular concept enables the use of different types of communication interfaces (e.g. current loop, RS232, RS422, RS485, etc.).

The I-PROP converter is housed in a plastic box intended for installation on a DIN rail. A wide range of working temperatures (-40°C to +80°C) allows installation directly in the head of the dispenser or switchboard. The I-PROP converter requires power from an external stabilised +5V source. On demand, we can equip the converters with an internal module for +12V to +24V power supply.


For large gas stations, we supply multi-converters, which contain several I-PROP converters installed in a PC case together with a power supply. Upgrading a device using multi-converters is very simple. It only requires reconnection of the original communication lines to the multi-converter and its connection to the IFSF cash register system.

Supported dispenser communication protocols

  • EasyCall (Adast)
  • ATCL (Autotank)
  • Christian Rowsing
  • DART (Dresser Wayne, Petrolmeccanica)
  • ER3/4 (Mannesmann-Kienzle, Salzknoten, Scheidt-Bachmann)
  • EPS (EPS3, EPS, EPS6) (Tokheim)
  • UDC (Tokheim)
  • Tatsuno Metax (Tatsuno)
  • ZSR (Schlumberger)

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