Installation process of the elevator and elevator shaft

What awaits you when you decide to modernise or build a new elevator? This short overview guides you through the entire installation process point by point. 


Were you unable to find a solution in the basic range that would meet all your requirements one hundred percent? We will be happy to prepare a reliable and smart tailor-made solution for your homeowners’ association, housing cooperative or construction company. 


Signing the contract for work

Together, we will decide the date of delivery of the elevator, the terms of payment, specify the design of the cabin and accessories, including the colour scheme, plus other parameters. If everything adds up, we will sign the contract. 


Preparation of documentation

We will measure the installation site in detail and prepare project documentation for the production of the elevator and subsequent assembly. This phase usually lasts 1–2 weeks. 


Elevator production

We will prepare an elevator machine with a steel frame, a complete switchboard including control elements and an elevator cabin. Is a new elevator shaft part of the elevator delivery? Then we will secure the material for the supporting structure and its cladding. This phase lasts approximately 4–6 weeks. 


Handing over and taking over the construction site

Approximately one week before the start of work, we will take over the construction site. You will entrust us with the keys to the building and the storage room, which will be used for the storage of the elevator components and as a background for assembly technicians during construction. We will post information notices in the building with the telephone number of the construction manager (contractor’s representative). 


Material loading

On the first day of assembly, we bring in the necessary material and the entire elevator system, which we store in the designated storage room. We will take the new machine and switchboard to the elevator machine room. 


Dismantling the original elevator

In the case of reconstruction of your elevator, we will start dismantling the original equipment from the cabin to the electrical installation in the machine room on the first day. For the time being, the old shaft door will remain as a barrier from falling into the elevator shaft. 


Construction of a new shaft or cladding of an existing shaft

If the elevator shaft is not full-wall brick or panel, we first deal with the inadequate cladding. We will replace the mesh or wire glass with certified material. 


Assembly of the new elevator

We usually start the construction of the elevator by installing a new drive. After removing the old shaft doors and replacing them with new ones, the installation of cabling, electronics and lighting in the elevator shaft follows. Then we install the new cabin and connect it to the elevator electronics. At the end, we will fix the joints, paint and provide the floor of the machine room with the shaft recess with an anti-dust coating. 


Completion of works and execution of tests

Once we have completed the installation of the elevator, an independent inspection technician will perform an installation test. After its successful completion, the second test comes next. This will be done by an authorised person, for example from SZÚ (Engineering Testing Institute), who will assess whether the elevator meets all applicable standards. If everything is in order, the elevator can be put into normal operation. 


Delivery of finished work and documentation

Now the elevator is ready to be handed over to the investor. We will fill in the acceptance report for the finished work and hand over all the documentation for the elevator, i.e. the elevator book, the professional and operational inspection book, the electrical installation documentation, the elevator shaft documentation, all certificates, operation and maintenance manuals. 

New elevators 

We supply all types of passenger and freight elevators, which with their smart technologies are at the forefront of the latest trends in safety and efficiency. 

Reconstruction of elevators 

We offer an increase in the dimensions of the elevator cabin, an increase in load capacity or an extension of the door, but also the elimination of safety risks and a reduction in energy consumption through complete or partial reconstruction. 

Service of elevators 

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all operated elevators thanks to extensive service support with a central dispatch centre and a team of experienced service technicians. 

Smart solution

Not only the elevator, but also electronic security of access to your building, protection with cameras and security sensors or monitoring of your elevator with a monitoring system.