Installation of smoke detectors in an apartment building on Drobného Street in Brno

Sensors and detectors

Most of us protect our property against theft, but few realise that fire damage is usually much more serious than burglary damage. Therefore, do not underestimate the risk of fire and have an electronic fire alarm installed. See how such an installation was done in an apartment building on Drobného Street in Brno.

Prevention which pays off

Last year alone, according to the Czech Statistical Office, there were a total of 17,346 fires in the Czech Republic causing direct damage of CZK 2,582,300 thousand and claiming 144 victims. The danger is especially at night when we sleep. Although smoke detectors cannot completely prevent a fire, thanks to timely warning, they significantly reduce damage to property and human life. And that was one of the reasons why the apartment building on Drobného Street in Brno approached us.

A smoke detector also protects your apartment

A smoke detector is a simple device that you can use to protect your building or apartment. It is essentially a small box that contains all the components needed for reliable smoke detection and subsequent triggering of the alarm. Although its use in our country is not yet as popular as it is abroad, it is an affordable device that only requires a simple installation. 

How did we install smoke detectors in an apartment building on Drobného Street in Brno? 

At the beginning of this year, we installed smoke detectors in an apartment building on Drobného Street in Brno. We tried to disrupt as little as possible in the daily life of the residents of the building, which is why we prepared the project for the most part already in our company. Thanks to this, it took us less than two days to install 20 sensors. One sensor is able to secure an area of up to 90 m², while the power supply is provided by a lithium battery, which ensures the operation of the sensor for at least ten years. In the vast majority of apartments, the installation of only one smoke detector was sufficient. 

How smoke detectors work

In particular, we installed the LORAFi model, which makes it possible to detect a fire shortly after it starts. The sensor is part of our NONSTOP LORAGATE surveillance system, which, when an alarm sounds, provides an immediate warning via call or SMS.

Leave fire protection to us

In addition to the installation of smoke detectors as part of the service, you can also contact us in the case of:

  • remote inspection of sensor functionality
  • remote inspection of sensor battery condition
  • alarm test
  • sensor communication inspection

Do not underestimate the risk of fire and protect your home against fire with the help of modern fire protection systems. You can equip your apartment, common areas and basement space with them. Whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of industry professionals will be happy to design a solution for you as well.

Source of photographs: Beta Control